Ashbridges Bay Wastewater Treatment Plant Installs TrojanUVSigna

By Water Canada 01:39PM July 17, 2017



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After the completion of an extensive pre-selection and evaluation process, TrojanUV has been selected as the UV supplier for the disinfection conversion and upgrade project at the Ashbridges Bay Wastewater Treatment Plant in Toronto, Ont.

It is the largest secondary treatment plant in Canada, with a rated flow capacity of 818 million liters (216 million gallons) per day and peak flow of 2,000 million liters (528 million gallons) per day. UV will become the plant’s main method of disinfection (replacing chlorine) and will provide broadspectrum disinfection of a wide range of pathogens, including bacteria, viruses and protozoa. The design will consist of 12 channels, each containing two TrojanUVSigna banks of UV lamps.

It is slated to be the largest TrojanUVSigna installation to date.



“We pride ourselves on helping municipalities build and provide water confidence, and are looking forward to working on this exciting project,” said Marv DeVries, president, Trojan Technologies. “At Trojan, we are continuously engineering and innovating for our customers, and our TrojanUVSigna is a prime example. It provides municipalities and treatment plant superintendents and operators with an environmentally responsible disinfection alternative that is compact, energy efficient, and easy to maintain.”

TrojanUVSigna incorporates innovations, including TrojanUV Solo Lamp Technology, to reduce the total cost of ownership for disinfection and drastically simplify operation and maintenance. Project design, equipment manufacturing and UV building construction will be completed in late 2019.

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