AquaAction, a Canadian organization dedicated to restoring freshwater health in Canada by engaging young innovators and activating their solutions, kicked off a multi-million-dollar media campaign aimed at raising awareness about critical water issues and the cutting-edge solutions that are emerging to solve them.

“As we mark World Water Day 2022, we want to shine a light on the brilliant young innovators who are working to solve some of the most critical issues we face with regards to freshwater in Canada. Access to clean water is a human right and is essential to the health of our communities, eco-systems and economies. We need to urgently mitigate and adapt to the impact of a changing climate, and we believe in the ingenuity of young Canadians and their innovative solutions when it comes to restoring and preserving freshwater health as we do so,” said Francois de Gaspe Beaubien, Chair of the Board of AquaAction.

Funded by the de Gaspe Beaubien Family Foundation as well as generous donations in media time by leading Canadian companies, this campaign highlights the action-oriented approach that underpins AquaAction.  “Entrepreneurship and meaningful community impact are at the heart of the de Gaspé Beaubien Family. This campaign and the investment made in establishing AquaAction speaks to their sense of urgency when it comes to freshwater, especially in the current context of climate change,” expressed Dominique Monchamp, Executive Director of the de Gaspe Beaubien Family Foundation.

Since 2015, AquaAction has run 10 editions of its flagship program across Canada and through it seen the establishment of 36 youth-led water-tech enterprises.  “Technology alone cannot solve all the issues we face with regards to water but it is an important part of the equation.  The success of the innovative technologies coming out of AquaAction will help Canada protect its most precious natural resource, water. Innovation is a team sport, and everyone’s engagement will contribute to creating a sustainable and cleaner future,” emphasizes Simon Olivier, Lead Director of AquaAction.

AquaAction is on a mission to leverage the problem-solving drive of young innovators and get them tackling the complex water issues faced by so many communities and watersheds across Canada.  “With this campaign we urge everyone to join in and Take AquaAction,” adds de Gaspe Beaubien.

Media ads will run on screens outside the home in locations across Canada and feature select alumni of AquaAction.  Each ad urges Canadians to visit to learn more and to get involved.


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