Alberta’s provincial government is continuing work to reduce the impact of future floods and announced the hiring of engineering consultants AMEC and AECOM on October 1. The firms will partner with communities in Alberta to inspect and assess flood-risk reduction measures and flood reduction project options, before submitting their findings to the province.

“We know it is impossible to prevent floods from happening; however there’s a lot we can do to lessen the impact these events have on Alberta’s communities,” said Minister of Municipal Affairs Doug Griffiths. “This is a next step in our ongoing work to find the best ways to protect Albertans when flood waters threaten our homes in the future.”

The two firms will examine the impacts that each proposed flood reduction project would have on the overall watershed. Areas to be inspected include:

  • Risk reduction structure types and locations
  • Area accessibility
  • Impacts on property values
  • Relocation of utilities
  • Environmental impacts
  • Community preferences

AMEC in an international engineering, project management and consulting firm with 18 offices in the province, and AECOM is a global provider of professional technical and management support services.

Photo: Wilson Hui


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