The Government of Alberta is continuing its efforts to rebuild areas of the province affected by last month’s extensive flooding. On July 22, Associate Minister of Recovery and Reconstruction for Southwest Alberta Kyle Fawcett announced plans to establish a new water treatment system in the Town of Black Diamond.

Flood damage in Black Diamond. Photo: Government of Alberta

“Our immediate priority is to get communities back up on their feet as quickly as possible,” he said. “We want to ensure these communities have a stable supply of drinking water and that a robust system is in place for the long-term.”

An over-land pipe to transport water from the Turner Valley treatment facility was installed in the days after the flood receded, and now Alberta Transporation will install a 10-inch underground pipe to replace the current pipe. This is still a temporary solution, and some water use restrictions will remain necessary. Once this temporary system is installed, the province will continue discussions with Quad Regional Water Partnership to develop a regional water system to supply Black Diamond, Turner Valley, and other neighbouring populations.

“We are very pleased to see the province act so quickly to get a temporary system in place so that our residents can access adequate, clean, safe drinking water,” said Black Diamond Mayor Sharlene Brown. “Our road to recovery and future partnerships are moving forward and made easier knowing the province is here every step of the way.”

The project will be paid for by provincial Disaster Relief Funding.


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