“The water may have receded in Southern Alberta, but life is anything but back to normal in the affected communities. The focus now is on rebuilding. For many, this means working with insurance companies to determine the extent of the damage and working on settling their claims,” said Alberta Premier Alison Redford today after meeting with the Insurance Bureau of Canada and various CEOs of insurance companies in Toronto.

Alberta Premier Alison Redford on a campaign stop. Photo: Dave Cournoyer

“On behalf of all Albertans, I extend my appreciation to those insurers who have stepped up to help Albertans in need. In many ways, this unprecedented disaster has brought out the very best in people and organizations.

“That said, I know Albertans want clarity when they’re trying to make decisions about the future of their homes and businesses. Today, I urged insurers to continue working directly with their clients and provide clear information to homeowners and business owners. They need to assist Albertans in the most sensitive and helpful way possible.

“My government has heard from Albertans about the challenges they have had with their insurance coverage. I expect that insurers will continue to respect their obligations to clients.

“We’re going to continue to rebuild southern Alberta and I was pleased to hear that Canada’s insurers understand that recovery will take time. We’re going to continue to be there for Albertans and I expect that Canada’s insurers will do the same.”

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