The Government of Alberta is making investments in water infrastructure that will create jobs and ensure clean water in communities across the province.

In Budget 2016, the Alberta government set aside $595 million over the next five years to help fund water and wastewater infrastructure improvement projects in small towns and rural Alberta. This round of more than $117 million in funding will improve access to safe, reliable water supplies and enhance environmentally-sustainable wastewater treatment, while creating hundreds of jobs in communities across the province.

Brian Mason, Minister of Transportation and Minister of Infrastructure said, “Modern water infrastructure not only protects the families who live in our communities, it is the foundation upon which the community can grow, attract investment and create jobs for future generations.”

Through the Alberta Municipal Water/Wastewater Partnership and the Water For Life program initiatives that saw a major increase in funding in Budget 2016 the Alberta Government cost-shares eligible projects with smaller urban and rural municipalities to support the development of improved water and wastewater infrastructure in smaller communities across the province.


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