On July 14, the municipal council of Wellington North in Ontario identified six priorities for the community’s future development.  Wastewater treatment capacity and community growth were identified as the top priorities.

In a staff report making recommendations to council outline the top five barriers to investment in Wellington North, the need for additional water tower capacity in the Mount Forest area was established  as “the number one infrastructure priority” for the community.

Specific suggestions made by the forum participants in terms of improvement opportunities included the need to:

  • Move quicker to increase sewage/wastewater capacity and consider long-term debt to build needed infrastructure, including the suggestion to look for federal or provincial funding opportunities;
  • Ensure there is sufficient water tower and hydro capacity in Mount Forest to achieve the growth targets that have been identified; and
  • Increase marketing and focus on improving access to commercial and cultural amenities that potential residents are looking for.

For details of each recommendation made, view pages 41-45 of the Special Council Agenda, here.



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