View of St. John's Harbour. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The City of St. John’s will receive approximately $10 million through the 2011 Municipal Capital Works program for municipal infrastructure projects.

The City will conduct a number of street rehabilitation projects with the assistance of this funding. Sanitary and storm sewer reconstruction will occur on Hoyles Avenue and from Rennies River Bridge to Churchill Square (Phase 1) and from Churchill Square to Allandale Place (Phase 2). Phases three and four of the North East Land Authority trunk sewer project from London Road to MacDonald Drive area will be completed, along with sanitary sewer replacement at Dublin Road and an emergency overflow diversion at Dirty Brook in Goulds. Upgrading of Cemetery Road will take place and erosion protection measures will occur at the parking area of The Battery.

These initiatives will be undertaken on a 50/50 cost-sharing ratio, with the City of St. John’s managing the projects.


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