Through the Municipal Climate Resiliency Grant, Intact Public Entities and the Intact Foundation are investing $1 million in cities and towns across Canada that are developing practical solutions to protect communities from floods or wildfires.

“We need to enable municipalities across Canada to build resilient communities together,” said Larry Ryan, president of Intact Public Entities. “These grants will help municipalities to protect people from the impacts of climate change we’re experiencing today and build our resilience for the future.”

The Municipal Climate Resiliency Grants will prioritize the following types of projects:

  • Shovel-ready projects: Greening and natural infrastructure solutions, such as wetland restoration, to reduce flood risk or vegetation management techniques to create a community fire guard.
  • Climate mitigation tools: These could include incentives for homeowners to install sump pumps or fire-retardant roofing.
  • Research readiness and feasibility assessments: These could include updating flood and/or wildfire-risk mapping or undertaking a flood or wildfire hazard assessment.
  • Awareness and education: These could include distributing home flood and/or wildfire protection materials or creating an online portal for residents to obtain flood-risk information.

“Successfully adapting to extreme weather is key to fighting climate change and keeping our communities safe,” said Diane Flanagan, chair of the Intact Foundation. “We need to act urgently to implement adaptation solutions to limit the impacts of otherwise unrelenting extreme weather. It will depend on taking collective actions, and the ability of governments to direct resources and implement proven solutions.”

For more details about the Municipal Climate Resiliency Grant program, including the link to apply, visit Intact Public Entities website or the Intact Foundation’s website.


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