The Government of Yukon released guidelines to help the quartz mining industry address and reduce its impacts on water in the Yukon.

“It is important that we protect the Yukon’s freshwater now and for future generations,” said Environment Minister Nils Clarke. “To do this, we are taking steps to mitigate the potential impacts that quartz mining has on the Yukon’s water. These guidelines will help quartz mining water licence applicants understand environmental obligations while supporting their industry.”

“The use of the Guide will greatly assist the Water Board by providing clarity needed in the development of plans and establishing project specific effluent quality standards for water licences,” added Piers McDonald, chair of the Yukon Water Board.

The Yukon Guide for Developing Water Quality Objectives and Effluent Quality Standards provides quartz mining proponents with methods for determining water quality objectives and effluent quality standards for projects.

Quartz mining proponents are now expected to use these guidelines to support their environmental assessment and water licence applications.

“This guide will offer the mining industry increased clarity on what is required to protect Yukon waters,” said John Streicker, minister of energy, mines, and resources. “Clarity is a key component to an efficient and effective regulatory system and we hope this new guide will result in successful, responsible mining operations in the Yukon.”

Yukon First Nations governments and quartz mining industry representatives provided important feedback during the development of the guide.


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