Work on a public water-efficient demonstration garden will begin this spring in Guelph, Ontario. The project, a partnership between the city and Pollination Guelph, is receiving funding from TD Friends of the Environment, RBC Blue Water project, and the Guelph Community Foundation.

“This garden will be a living demonstration of a water-friendly landscape that’s both beautiful and easy to care for,” said Karen McKeown, Guelph’s outdoor water efficiency technician. “The garden will feature native and drought-tolerant plants and simple water-saving techniques that people can easily incorporate into home and commercial gardens.”

The garden, located at the Clair Road Emergency Services Centre (CRESC), will see turf replaced with a habitat for pollinating insects and birds. It will include permeable pathways and interpretive signs to provide information about plants and gardening techniques that reduce water needs.

The garden project was initiated after sod planted at the CRESC responded poorly to drought conditions in the summer of 2012. Residents wrote to the city about the lawn, asking for a sustainable solution for the landscape.


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