Joint funding has been announced for the rehabilitation of the Weigel Stormwater Management Drain in Woolwich, Ontario.

“Investments in […] stormwater infrastructure are essential in ensuring the wellbeing and safety of communities,” said Tim Louis, member of parliament for Kitchener–Conestoga. “Today’s investments for the […] Weigel Stormwater Drain means better protection for residents from flooding.”

The Government of Canada is investing $899,928 in the rehabilitation of the Weigel Stormwater Management Drain through the Green Infrastructure Stream under the Investing in Canada plan. The Government of Ontario and the Township of Woolwich are also providing financial support this project.

“I am pleased that Ontario continues to work with other levels of government to support our region’s core rural infrastructure,” said Mike Harris, member of provincial parliament for Kitchener–Conestoga. “This investment will directly support recreation and enhance protection from severe weather for Woolwich residents.”

Work on the Weigel Stormwater Management Drain includes replacing 11 culverts and a degrading headwall and wingwalls, installing erosion protection, and removing sediment from a stormwater pond. The project aims to reduce the potential for flooding and extend the lifecycle, quality, and functioning of the drain to support improved stormwater management. This will, in turn, offer better protection for residents in Woolwich.

“The investment in the rehabilitation of the Weigel drain ensures that Elmira has a safe and resilient stormwater drainage system to service the residents and businesses in the area,” said Sandy Shantz, mayor of the Township of Woolwich. “We appreciate these partnership investments in Woolwich Township through the Investing in Canada Plan.”


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