Vancouver-based Carl Data Solutions Inc. has announced that its Polish subsidiary will develop artificial intelligence (AI) to monitor aging critical infrastructure and improve water systems.

The subsidiary received a research and development grant through the European Union for approximately USD $300,000, which will fund exploration into new ways that data collection and predictive modelling can improve water infrastructure safety and efficiency.

“The outcome of this project has potential to allow Carl Data’s Polish subsidiary to resell this innovative technology throughout the EU and North America,” said Piotr Stepinski, Carl Data CTO and an architect in designing the project. “We are excited to have government and international support for developing these in-demand products and services.”

The research will focus on machine learning based AI that makes continuous predictions on how forecasted storm events will impact water infrastructure, allowing the time needed for workers to protect cities from flooding and other damage. An intelligent sensor that measures flow using a machine learning model will be developed that extracts more precise flow data than any other device currently available on the market. Another focus of the research will be sensor anomaly detection to improve the quality of data collected. AI will be trained to know if a sensor is giving incomplete or incorrect data, improving operational intelligence for the overall system.

Carl Data Solutions Poland will work closely with the Department of Decision Systems and Robotics at Gdańsk University of Technology, coordinating with a research team of PhDs and engineers who have been studying water infrastructure for decades.

Carl Data Solutions Inc. is an Industrial IoT (IIoT) company focused on providing next generation information collection, storage and analytics solutions for data-centric companies. Building on its recent acquisitions, Carl helps its clients analyze and understand all forms of environmental data through a powerful platform of data collection, monitoring, reporting, and predictive analysis tools.


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