Tsawwassen First Nation (TFN) is proceeding with construction of a sanitary sewer treatment plant to service Tsawwassen Lands in British Columbia.  In a statement, Chief Bryce Williams indicated that Tsawwassen has entered into a contract with Maple Reinders to design and build the plant.

“This decision secures Tsawwassen’s future by ensuring the capacity to provide sewer services to support Tsawwassen’s growth and development. TFN carefully explored its options with respect to the provision of sanitary sewer service, and is convinced that this direction, and our choice of partner, is a sound choice from an environmental and an economic perspective,” said Williams.

The sanitary plant will be constructed through a design-build contract.  The plant comprises a sequence batch reactor system with tertiary treatment capability. The plant will be developed in phases and will eventually have sufficient capacity to service Tsawwassen Lands according to TFN’s development plans.  Design and construction on the plant is commencing immediately, and the plant is expected to be built and operational by summer 2015, in time to service anticipated growth at Tsawwassen First Nation.  It will replace the existing plant that provides sanitary sewer service to Tsawwassen Lands.


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