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Wastewater Professionals Release Specification for Flushability

It’s not flushable just because the salesman says so! This has been our debate with the powerful wipes manufacturing industry for well over a...

Water Canada Launches a New Comic about FATBERGs

Water Canada and the Municipal Enforcement Sewer Use Group (MESUG) have partnered with Illustrator Nathan Wright and KSB Pumps (Canada) to presents a fresh, new...

OOWA Joins Statement on Flushable Products

The Ontario Onsite Water Association is the latest group to lend its support to the Municipal Enforcement Sewer Use Group’s (MESUG) Wastewater Industry Statement on Flushable/Non-flushable...

Global Groups Make Demands to Regulate Flushable Products

A collective of of water industry groups, utilities, and ENGOs, led (in Canada) by the Municipal Enforcement Sewer Use Group, are banding together to demand a...

Towards an International Standard for “Flushable”

Canadian wastewater operators are leading the charge to create an international standard defining what is truly “flushable.” Working in the wastewater facilities and sewers of...

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