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Pandemic prompts City of Hamilton to modernize its sampling program

The City of Hamilton in Ontario was the second city in Canada to establish a municipal water system, making it one of the oldest...

GNWT Releases Water Quality Results for Slave and Hay Rivers

Results of water quality monitoring completed by the Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) indicate that concentrations of some metals and hydrocarbons in the...

Riverside-Albert, NB Receives CWWF Support for Water Sampling Stations

Federal, provincial, and municipal governments are investing more than $24,000 in the installation of water sampling stations for Riverside-Albert, New Brunswick. “Your government understands the...

All-Female Sailing Expedition Surveys Microplastics in the Great Lakes Basin

A light breeze from the southwest catches the sails of our Catalina 42 as we manoeuvre her bow into the wind under the direction...

Canadian Government Tightening Water Standards on National Planes, Trains, and Ships

The Canadian government is introducing stricter regulations to ensure clean water aboard planes, trains, and passenger ships for drinking, hand washing, oral hygiene, and...

Interview: Diana Frost

Water engineer Diana Frost is passionate about improving the standard of living in developing countries by contributing her expertise with water systems. Through funding...

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