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Water Contaminants Jeopardize First Nations Food Security

The Assembly of First Nations (AFN), the University of Ottawa, and Université de Montréal released the draft results of the 10-year First Nations Food,...

UBC Researchers Develop Diagnostic Tool for Detecting Cryptosporidium

Using a small and inexpensive biosensor, researchers at the University of British Columbia (UBC) have developed a novel low-cost technique that quickly and accurately...

De Beers Fails to Report Mercury Entering Watershed

Wildands League (WL), assisted by Ecojustice lawyers, has filed a private prosecution against De Beers Canada Inc. for failing to report levels of mercury...

Great Lakes Contaminated by Toxic Flame Retardant

The International Joint Commission (IJC) has released a report recommending the governments of Canada and the United States adopt a strategy to address toxic polybrominated diphenyl ethers...

Leak Detection Innovation in Walkerton

The average leak in a municipal water system can flow for up to 20 years. When undetected, these leaks can be the source of...

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