Sunday, June 4, 2023

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There’s more than microplastics in our water

Imagine receiving an emergency alert on your phone stating your drinking water has been contaminated. If you drink it you may suffer adverse effects...

TMU’s Bruce Fellowship in Environment and Freshwater Policy accepting applicants

Geoffrey F. Bruce was a Canadian diplomat and Canadian federal public servant who believed deeply in the imperative of Canadian leadership and multilateral cooperation...

TMU’s Bruce Fellowship: Creating a ripple effect in Canadian freshwater policy

Erika C. Bruce, PhD, and her late husband, Geoffrey F. Bruce, shared a vision for Canada: To be a world leader in freshwater policy....

What monitoring COVID through wastewater can (and can’t) tell us

As pandemic restrictions have eased, many Canadians have begun enjoying gathering again with family, friends, and colleagues in a more carefree manner. While smoother...

Policy must accelerate to keep pace with emerging water concerns

Researchers from Toronto Metropolitan University are leading critical policy conversations as emerging issues and technologies impact how we consume and use water. While water research...

Nicholas Reid Memorial Award recipient selected

The Nicholas Reid Memorial Award has been established in the memory of Nick Reid. Nick was Executive Director of the Urban Water Research Centre...

Excessive chloride use assaulting lakes and rivers

A new international study says the ecological cost of global road salt use is an underappreciated problem that is harming freshwater resources around the...

Blue Economy: Innovating in the blue economy

Innovation is a term that is widely used in the water industry when talking about technologies, processes, and projects. Although the term is used...

Ontario invests over $2.5 million to protect the Great Lakes

The Ontario government is investing more than $2.5 million in 19 new projects to protect the health of the Great Lakes. According to the Government...

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