Wednesday, February 1, 2023

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Is Ontario’s Moratorium on Water-Taking for Bottling Effective?

The Ontario government announced its two-year moratorium on new or expanded water-taking permits for companies who bottle water. The province’s moratorium bans new water bottling...

RBC Blue Water Project Announces 2011 Leadership Grants

Thirty organizations, delivering projects in five countries, will share more than $4 million for programs that help protect watersheds and improve access...

The Home Advantage

While we’re not facing a national water crisis, it’s no secret that this country is rife with water challenges. The Canadian Water Network (CWN) plays...

RBC Blue Water Project Announces Leadership Grant Recipients

Twenty-two organizations, selected from ...

Water Footprints

Safe, reliable freshwater—and healthy, productive freshwater ecosystems—are foundations for a strong economy and sustainable communities. But the collective impacts of producing more food and...

RBC Donates $4.1M

RBC today announced its latest round of RBC Blue Water Project Leadership Grant recipients. Thirty-one organizations, selected out of 159 applicants from around the...

Can We Rely on Technology to Guarantee Future Water Resources?

During this year’s Rivers to Oceans Week (June 8 to 14), the Canadian Museum of Nature is running a café scientifique—a forum in an informal setting—that asks this very question in several locations around the country.

RBC Announces Grant Pool to Support Watershed Protection and Safe Drinking...

To celebrate Earth Day, RBC announced its first Blue Water Project Leadership Grants pool.Grants are available to support projects in Canada, the United States...

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