Saturday, April 1, 2023

Tag: North Saskatchewan River

New Project Examines Impact of Melting Glaciers on Drinking Water

A new project is examining the impact of melting glaciers on current and future drinking water in Western Canada. The results of the project...

Alberta Seeks Input on North Saskatchewan Regional Plan

Albertan residents are invited to provide input on land use in the North Saskatchewan Region, which will directly impact watershed management in the province. The...

$925,000 for Alberta Water Stewardship Programming

Land Stewardship Centre (LSC) in Alberta has been given a multi-year, $925,000 grant by Alberta’s Environment and Parks to help protect the province’s water...

Saskatchewan Municipality Receiving $20.8 Million Water Treatment Plant

It was announced this week that Nipawin, Saskatchewan will be receiving a $20.8 million water treatment plant. The new plant will improve the taste of...

Damage Control

While City of Edmonton’s Dr. Fayi Zhou (general supervisor of environmental planning in the City’s drainage services branch) is proud of Edmonton’s Insurance Bureau...

Edmonton Completes $7.5M Stormwater Wetland

What was once an old gravel pit in Hermitage Park has been transformed into the City of Edmonton’s first wetland built exclusively for stormwater...

EPCOR Supports Decade of Action

As part of its effort to increase the public's understanding of water scarcity issues in Canada, EPCOR Utilities Inc. is supporting the United Nations'...

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