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Plastic Pollution in the Aquatic Environment

Plastic wastes have generated global attention due to their omnipresence and profound ecosystem threats. These plastic wastes are polluting waters around the world and...

Major Investments in Great Lakes Restoration Are Paying Off: Study

Canada and the United States have invested more than US$22.8 billion over the last 35 years to restore Areas of Concern throughout the Great...

Plastic Pollution in the Great Lakes Presents a Growing Concern: Study

New research suggests that the growing intensity and scale of plastic pollution in the Great Lake poses serious risks to human health and will...

Finding Balance

When it comes to the Great Lakes, it’s all about balance. A recent United States Geological Survey five-year report on Great Lakes Basin water...

More Experts Call for Great Lakes Amendments

Another group is campaigning for renegotiation of the "outdated" Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement. Great Lakes United, a cross-border group of 38 leading Great Lakes...

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