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Building Code Changes Support Development and Flood Control Work

In a statement released last Friday, the Government of Ontario announced that it had made changes to the building code in the Lower Don...

Improving Canadian Design Standards & Procurement for Climate Resilience

Much of Canada’s water infrastructure has been in place for many years. Infrastructure designs and associated procurement processes are based on existing climate patterns....

Wasted Energy

Across the country, provinces are updating Building Code standards—or implementing policies that would allow provincial ministries to change standards. Canada’s new building code, coming...

B.C. Building Code Supports Water Conservation

British Columbia is updating its building code to further protect and preserve water by requiring the installation of high-efficiency toilets and urinals in new...

Manitobans Can Save Money, While Using Less Water: Melnick

An instant rebate as part of the WaterSmart Manitoba initiative will be offered at participating retailers on the purchase of high-efficiency, dual-flush toilets for...

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