With a recent sewage treatment problem in the community of Sylvan Lake, Alberta, officals are disucssing the need for infrastructure upgrades.

Mayor Sean McIntyre is asking the community to limit their use of the wastewater system, as the town was recently unable to dispose treated waste in the Cygnet Creek, as it failed to meet new federal environmental standards.

Later in the week, the effluent passed the test and the problem was resolved, however town officials hope to avoid a repeat of the problem.

Mayor McIntyre told the CBC News that the current wastewater system can still handle demand, but this incident and the new rules reinforce a regional long-term need for government infrastructure help.

He said, “We know that some of our central Alberta neighbours are going through similar issues right now with their lagoons. As we continue to grow, then we need to look at those situations like regional pipelines or packaged treatment systems, or mechanical treatment systems.”

As the town is draining one of the laggoons, they still ask for citizens to reduence the amount of wastewater they generate.

For more on the wastewater crisis, click here.


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