Two new signs in Sasktatoon’s Hyde Park have been installed to help visitors understand the importance of the park’s naturalized wetlands and the critical habitats they provide to a variety of plants and animals throughout the year.

Production and installation were made possible through generous contributions from Ducks Unlimited Canada and the Saskatoon Wildlife Federation. These two organizations have committed to enhancing the educational and habitat components of the park, unique due to its preservation of wetlands in their naturalized state and their size and location within the city.

Illustrated by local artist, curator and writer, David Geary, the signs depict the plants and wildlife that may be seen in Hyde Park in the spring/summer and fall/winter months.

The signs are now in place for park visitors to enjoy as they stroll along the east and west paths of the park and will be in place year-round.

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About Hyde Park

Hyde Park, located in the Rosewood neighbourhood, is a 123-acre naturalized park. The park was first identified in 2007 in the South East Park Landscape Master Plan when the City, Ducks Unlimited Canada and the Saskatoon Wildlife Federation made it a joint priority to approach the development of the Hyde Stormwater Management Area in an innovative way and work with the land in its naturalized state. Through this process, it was decided it should serve as a wetland, storm water pond area, and a centre for interpretative and educational programming with respect to wetlands and natural habitat. Through feedback from the community, the final park design evolved to include a total of five ponds, numerous walking trails and sports fields, play equipment, and two off-leash dog parks


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