Langley, B.C. – SCG Process, a leading provider of industrial pumps, packaged water treatment plants, and chemical feed packages, announced the launch of mobile Emergency Water Distribution Units™ (EWDU) to support municipal emergency response and risk management planning for natural disasters including earthquakes, forest fires, tornados and hurricanes.

Purpose-built as a mobile water distribution station with automated chlorine residual dosing and water filling stations, the EWDU enables rapidly filling and dispensing thousands of reusable water bags to large crowds, while also accommodating manual filling of any size water container. The EWDU unit is mobile and can be towed to urban or remote locations on short notice directly to impacted areas. The water distribution units can be connected to a variety of water sources during an emergency, including fire hydrants, water towers, water tankers, or portable water bladder tanks.

“More powerful and more frequent storms, natural disasters, and infrastructure-crippling emergencies are driving the need for a new generation of solutions to help mitigate risk for utilities,” said James Davis, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at SCG Process. “We drew on our half-century of experience engineering and building everything ranging from chemical feed systems to filtration systems for large municipal treatment plants to small and remote systems. As a result, experienced water treatment operators will discover our EWDU units share much of the same equipment and operational approaches found at water treatment plants.”

Envisioned, scoped, and constructed in close collaboration with expert municipal emergency response teams, the flexible, modular, and comprehensively equipped EWDU mobile units are ‘ultra-designed’ down to the finest details to ensure rapid mobile deployment, operational simplicity, rugged reliability, and ergonomic usability for maintaining efficient crew operation, safety and comfort during high-stress emergency response efforts.

EWDU units are ‘Ready-to-Roll’ systems fully equipped with all crew gear, consumables, crowd-management equipment, hoses, fittings, and tools that emergency response teams will need to operate and maintain the EWDU on location.


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