On May 29, Quebec’s Environment Minister David Heurtel and Ontario’s Environment Minister Glen Murray announced the creation of a joint Ontario-Québec Committee on Water Management.

The idea of deepening co-operation between the two provinces, in part by creating a joint committee, was first discussed at the most recent meeting of the Quebec and Ontario cabinets.

The mandate of the Joint Committee on Water Management will include facilitating co-operation and information sharing between Quebec and Ontario on a wide range of water management issues, including water management of the waters of the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence River, and water quality in the rivière des Outaouais, lac Témiscamingue, and lac Abitibi.

Each minister will designate four representatives to the joint committee. They will function as a permanent forum on water management policies and programs implemented by Quebec and Ontario, and will focus on searching for common solutions for shared drainage basins.

“Once again, our governments are demonstrating their clear will to work together to protect our environment and to ensure the safety of our citizens,” Heurtel said. “Water management is a crucial issue, especially in the context of climate change. I am convinced that the committee’s work will expand and strengthen the preservation of this resource that is essential for life and on which the prosperity of our economies also rest. Together, we can fight climate change and ensure a better quality of life for our children.”


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