PureBlue’s Aqualyst, a U.S.-based business and technology catalyst that provides customized services to accelerate, commercialize, and scale high-impact water technologies and technology businesses is accepting applications for its 14-week program. The program helps early to mid-stage companies in North America expand pilots, sales, licensing and/or an exit with less capital, time, energy, and risk.

PurBlue’s initial funding came from a three-year U.S. Economic Development Agency grant focused on the formation of water clusters across the U.S. and through a combination of private donations of time, money and resources from experts around the country.

Now, with offices in Seattle, Tacoma, and Washington, Aqualyst’s network of advisors, investors, and customers serves as a living laboratory for innovative water solutions to be developed, piloted, implemented and scaled in the Pacific Northwest and nationwide.

Each year, Aqualyst works intensively with five disruptive water-tech companies. During the core-14-week program, participating companies are featured at WEFTEC and collaborate with industry pioneers such as Dave Paulson, Randy Truby, and Dr. Teri A. Floyd.

In reflecting on Dr. Floyd’s mentorship, Joachim Peralta, the CEO of Columbia Water Holding and a participant in last year’s Aqualyst cohort, said, “you can’t quantify her value in the room; it’s immeasurable.” After the core-14-week program, these industry pioneers continue to advise our Aqualyst companies for at least a year. Participating companies also have lifelong access to PureBlue’s constantly expanding network of industry-leading technologists, customers, pilot sites, manufacturers, facilities, and channels-to-market.

Aqualyst’s initial application closes April 30. The selection process is competitive, but completing the initial application is relatively quick as we know you’re focused growing your company.

For more information, email program manager, Marielle at [email protected].


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