Are you an expert in water quality science and research, policy and governance, or environmental health? Do you want to help guide the future of Canada-United States cooperation on protecting and restoring the Great Lakes basin and transboundary ecosystems?

The International Joint Commission (IJC), an independent international organization, seeks talented and dedicated individuals to help it develop advice to the governments of Canada and the United States regarding implementation of the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement of 1978, as amended.

The IJC is accepting self-nominations to fill public positions for three boards: the Great Lakes Water Quality Board, the Great Lakes Science Advisory Board, and the Health Professionals Advisory Board. Board members usually serve a term of three years. Board members offer their expertise and advice to the Commission in their personal capacity, not as official representatives or spokespeople for their respective employers or organizations. Board members are not paid.

Please submit self-nomination materials here: by May 3, 2024.

The IJC seeks to establish a pool of potential candidates to serve as members of the boards. All qualified individuals are encouraged to self-nominate.

For more information, please visit:

The International Joint Commission was established by the Boundary Waters Treaty of 1909 to help the governments of Canada and the United States prevent and resolve disputes over the use of shared waters.


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