PCL Construction announced that it has joined forces with Eddy Solutions, a supplier of internet of things (IoT) water leak mitigation services, to protect construction sites from water damage.

“We are very excited to unlock the potential of this relationship,” said Travis Allan, CEO of Eddy Solutions. “This partnership will allow us to bring our water damage monitoring solution to a completely new setting. PCL’s experience in smart construction combined with our expertise in the monitoring, control, and conservation of water usage will maximize efficiencies for our companies and customers alike.”

The threat of water damage is one of the biggest risks that construction sites and properties face, according to PCL. With combined expertise in IOT producing data-driven insights, PCL and Eddy Solutions will use technology to protect project sites from the increasing threat of water damage.

PCL is continually looking for ways to leverage in-house technologies and form partnerships that drive the construction industry towards a technologically-advanced future. According to PCL, this partnership will disrupt traditional risk management processes. It will do this by merging Job Site Insights™ (JSI™), PCL’s cloud-based smart construction platform that provides a single-pane view into all aspects of work at a jobsite, with smart water monitoring and leak mitigation technologies. Clients will have real-time insights and visibility to effectively mitigate leaks and floods.

“Job Site Insights™ is surpassing our expectations by reducing costly rework, enhancing productivity, improving build quality, safety, and eliminating insurance claims and schedule impacts” said Mark Bryant, CIO of PCL. “Protecting our projects from water damage is just one more offering that JSI™ brings to our clients.”


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