P.E.I. has launched the Cleaning Our Shoreline initiative as part of its commitment to protect the environment.

The Cleaning Our Shoreline initiative started on June 8, 2020 in accordance with World Oceans Day. Island students have been hired through the Jobs for Youth Program. They will work in three-person crews to remove debris and waste from Prince Edward Island’s coastal shoreline during the summer in 2020.

“Prince Edward Island’s shores are beloved worldwide, and no one appreciates them more than Islanders,” said Fisheries and Communities Minister Jamie Fox.

“We all have a role to play in making sure our Island coastlines and coastal waters remain healthy,” added Fox. “Consideration for the environment is important to Islanders, as well as fishers who rely on our healthy marine environment to make a living.”

Shoreline clean-up crews will be based in four regions across the province and will work closely with staff from the Department of Fisheries and Communities and Department of Transportation, Infrastructure, and Energy to clean up provincial coastlines. Crews will be made aware of sensitive natural habitat areas and trained in how to protect these areas and vulnerable wildlife while carrying out their work.

Islanders are also invited to share information about shorelines in their communities that need to be cleaned up. They can submit shoreline clean up requests by texting 902-200-2106 and are asked to include exact location, beach name, surrounding landmarks, and pictures if possible.

“Prince Edward Island’s shores are important to our culture and our economy,” said Fox. “This initiative will provide students with meaningful employment during these unprecedented times, while ensuring our shorelines are pristine.”


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