Mona Fortier, MP for Ottawa-Vanier, Nathalie Des Rosiers, MPP for Ottawa-Vanier, and deputy mayor Bob Monette announced that 21 new projects in Ottawa have been approved under the Government of Canada’s Clean Water and Wastewater Fund.

The federal government is providing up to 50 per cent of funding for these projects—more than $15.8 million. The provincial government is providing up to 25 per cent of funding for these projects, over $7.9 million, and the City of Ottawa will provide the balance of funding.

The investment will go towards water and sewer renewal project between Lavergne Street and Ste Cecile Road in Vanier, which will reduce the risk of flooding and better protect the property and livelihood of local residents. Funding will also go towards replacing aging equipment to increase the efficiency and reliability of municipal water and wastewater treatment plants. These projects are essential to keeping our waterways clean and our communities healthy and livable.

In addition to these projects, over $2.5 million in federal funding for 23 water and wastewater projects will benefit 15 other communities across Ontario. The provincial government is providing over $1.9 million for these 23 projects.

Fortier said, “Investing in water and wastewater treatment infrastructure is essential to maintaining a healthy environment and providing access to clean, reliable drinking water. The Government of Canada is working with provinces, territories and municipalities across the country to support important projects like those in the City of Ottawa, which ensure that Canadian communities are healthy and sustainable now and for years to come.”

This investment is part of an agreement between Canada and Ontario for Clean Water and Wastewater Fund.


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