Following public consultation and engagement with Indigenous communities this fall, the Ontario government could begin the process of extending the existing Bowmanville Creek, Soper Creek, and Wilmot Creek urban river valleys. These urban river valleys would connect the Greenbelt to Lake Ontario.

“In our first consultation, we heard strong community support for adding a wetland area to the Bowmanville Creek and Soper Creek urban river valleys and adding more wetland area to the Wilmot Creek urban river valley,” said Steve Clark, minister of municipal affairs and housing. “This shows how important the water systems in and around Clarington are to the local communities. I am delighted to share our first proposal on growing the Greenbelt, which includes adding, expanding, and further protecting urban river valleys.”

The proposal to add these wetlands came from the Municipality of Clarington and the Central Lake Ontario Conservation Authority as part of a 60-day initial consultation to grow the Greenbelt.

“We’re pleased to see the province is able to expand the urban river valley in the Central Lake Ontario watershed with the addition of important wetland areas that will benefit the watershed and its residents,” said Kim Gavine, general manager of Conservation Ontario.

“We look forward to working with the provincial government and providing valuable input on the proposed extension of the Bowmanville, Soper and Wilmot Creeks Valley Systems,” added Adrian Foster, mayor of Clarington. “We appreciate the collaboration as we work to secure these important wetland areas for the enjoyment of our community and future generations.”

The addition of these wetlands would add 115 acres to the Greenbelt and help to provide permanent protection of these lands so they can continue to be enjoyed by future generations.


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