On April 1, the Government of the Northwest Territories (NWT) announced new regulations setting out the filing requirements for companies intending to pursue hydraulic fracturing operations in the territory. Under the new requirements, industry must meet additional guidelines related to baseline surface and groundwater information, public disclosure, air quality, and enhanced reporting.

Credit: Shannon Stapleton/Reuters
Credit: Shannon Stapleton/Reuters

“These enhancements are part of a made-in-the-NWT approach that balances our commitment to protecting NWT lands, water, and wildlife with resource and economic development that can provide opportunities and self-sufficiency for our people and their communities,” said NWT Minister of Industry, Tourism, and Investment David Ramsay.

The territorial government has initiated a period of public engagement and discussion surrounding the new regulations to ensure they reflect northern views and priorities.

“The process of applying for permits is not changing,” Ramsay said. “Our territory has a proven, integrated, and co-managed regulatory process that ensures the investments we make in managing our natural resources provide balanced and considered returns in the health of our land and its people and the strength of our economy.”


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