Northwest Angle No. 33, ON – Northwest Angle No. 33’s Angle Inlet community site held celebrations following the completion of a new water treatment plant for Angle Inlet. Chief Darlene Comegan and the Honourable Patty Hajdu, Minister of Indigenous Services, announced today that with the water treatment plant complete, the community lifted three long-term drinking water advisories.

The new centralized water treatment plant will provide reliable access to safe and clean drinking water for 100 residents. The water treatment plant meets the community’s current needs and has the capacity to support future population growth over the next 20 years.

This community-led project includes the construction of a water treatment plant, raw water intake and distribution system upgrades. Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) provided approximately $19 million for the project to ensure clean drinking water for community residents.

The community has hired training operators that will maintain and operate the new water treatment plant. The ISC-funded Centralized Water and Wastewater Hub, delivered by Anishinaabeg of Kabapikotawangag Resource Council, is training and mentoring other community members. Currently, there is one certified operator.

Access to clean drinking water is an inherent right for everyone. Since 2015, First Nations, with support from the federal government, have now lifted 142 long-term drinking water advisories on public systems on reserves, including three lifted at Northwest Angle No. 33 First Nation. Work is underway in partnership with First Nations to address the remaining 28 advisories across Canada.

The Government of Canada is committed to working with First Nations partners to ensure the funding and resources are available to install and maintain water treatment systems in all First Nations communities.

“Today, I am very proud to announce the lifting of long-term drinking water advisories in the community of North West Angle No. 33.  Access to clean water is essential for all. While we had to overcome a number of challenges to complete this new water treatment plant, this project secures clean and reliable drinking water for our Angle Inlet community now and for years to come. I would like to acknowledge and thank our dedicated community members, the project team, and all others involved in advancing this project, for their hard work and support in completing this major accomplishment.” – Chief Darlene Comegan
Northwest Angle No. 33 First Nation

“Everyone in Canada should have access to clean drinking water. For too long, successive governments have ignored this and underinvested in First Nations communities. In partnership with communities and their leadership, we are doing what’s needed to fix this and provide access to clean drinking water to everyone. With this new water plant and other upgrades, three advisories can be lifted and the community will have access to clean drinking water for years to come. I sincerely thank Chief Darlene Comegan and the project team for their leadership and hard work to make today possible. Together, we will lift all long-term drinking water advisories.” – The Honourable Patty Hajdu Minister of Indigenous Services

Quick facts

  • Northwest Angle No. 33 is geographically separated into two communities, located at opposite ends of the Lake of the Woods. Angle Inlet, the location of the new centralized water treatment plant, is accessible only by water, air or winter ice road. It is located southeast of Kenora, Ontario, on the west side of Lake of the Woods. Dog Paw is located on the east side of Lake of the Woods and is served by an existing water treatment plant.
  • Drinking water advisories were set on the Elsie Blackhawk Pumphouse and the East Pumphouse in April 2011 and on the West Pumphouse in February 2016. All three advisories were lifted by the community’s Chief and Council as of June 14, 2023.
  • The new centralized water treatment plant was built at Angle Inlet and replaces all three pumphouses to better serve the community and more efficiently provide clean water.



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