A major water supply project that will bring an end to severe watering restrictions in the Township of East Langley, British Columbia will be completed by the end of summer 2015.

The $33.5-million East Langley Water Supply project will provide clean, safe, and dependable drinking water to residents, businesses, and schools when it is completed. The 14-kilometre project will connect the communities of Aldergrove and Gloucester to Metro Vancouver’s water system.

Kevin Larsen, the town manager of water resources and environment, told the Aldergrove Star that, “Connecting to Metro Vancouver’s water system will provide a dependable water supply that will meet the needs of the area’s growing population, while reducing pressure on local aquifers. The environment will benefit as local aquifers can recharge and be sustained into the future, and base flows to local streams and watercourses will increase.”

More than 13 kilometres of the 14-kilometre water pipeline has already been installed and a new pump station has been completed in Murrayville. Only 800 metres of pipeline currently remain under construction.

For years, the Township of East Langley has had severe watering restrictions in the summer months to help preserve the water in its seven groundwater wells. Historical monitoring of groundwater levels in Aldergrove and Gloucester has shown a downward trend that indicates the current rate of groundwater extraction is unsustainable for the community. The existing wells are unable to meet the current peak summer flows as shown by the water restrictions that are in place.

The East Langley Water Supply is expected to be completed by August 7 and the surrounding areas will be re-vegetated and fully restored in the following months.


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