New members have been appointed to the Natural Resources Conservation Board in Alberta.

The NRCB oversees the review of major development proposals in recreational and water management, forestry, and non-energy mining projects where an environmental impact assessment is required by Alberta Environment and Parks.

“The Natural Resources Conservation Board makes decisions on projects that protect our shared environment and keep Albertans working,” said Environment and Parks Minister Jason Nixon. “I have every confidence in these new and returning board members, and would like to warmly congratulate them on their appointment.”

Peter Woloshyn has been reappointed chair of the board. Joining Woloshyn are Sandi Roberts, Indra Lynne Maharai, and Earl Graham. These appointments will help ensure major natural resource projects in Alberta undergo a fair and impartial review.

Woloshyn, a part-time board member, was reappointed based on his experience and will ensure the NRCB continues delivering its services without interruption.

Roberts was selected through an executive search by the Public Service Commission in July 2020. A former acting board member, she has the knowledge and expertise required to transition to a part-time member.

Acting board member Maharaj was selected through an executive search by the Public Service Commission in July 2020, while Graham was chosen from a pool of candidates with previous public agency experience and extensive knowledge of rural municipal governance.

All members are appointed for three-year terms.


Peter Woloshyn—reappointed. Peter Woloshyn has a bachelor of science in agricultural economics and a master of science in agricultural economics— resource economics from the University of Alberta. With almost 40 years of experience, he has an extensive background in agricultural policy, economics, and research. He was first appointed as chair of the NRCB in December 2017. Before Woloshyn’s appointment, he was the chief executive officer of the board for more than 11 years. His corporate knowledge and history of the NRCB has allowed him to mentor new board members.

Sandi Roberts—new member. Sandi Roberts is an engineer and has a bachelor of science in agricultural engineering. She has been an acting board member since 2017 and has served on eight tribunals. From 2002 to 2010, she was an approval officer with the NRCB. She served on town council for the Town of Carstairs from 2013 to 2017, acting as chair or as a member on numerous sub-committees, including the Policy and Governance Committee, Municipal Planning Commission, and Municipal Development Committee. She is currently project manager for the Olds College Teaching and Learning Centre of Innovation.

Indra Lynne Maharaj—new member. Indra Lynne Maharaj is a lawyer and holds a master’s degree in law with a focus on environment and energy law. Her legal practice spans 30 years with extensive experience in energy regulation. She served as the chair of the Criminal Injuries Review Board. She is an avid volunteer in her community and within the legal profession.

Earl Graham—new member. Earl Graham is a member of the Parkland Planning Services—Subdivision Appeal Board and of the Blue Mountain Power Co-op Board and is a past director for the Rural Municipalities of Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties. He served as a Clearwater County Council member from 2004 to 2017, and was deputy reeve from 2009 to 2015. He is a current board member of the Alberta Community and Cooperative Association and the Caroline Chamber of Commerce.


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