Ontario’s AquaResource Inc. will become a division of Calgary-based Matrix Solutions Inc. effective January 1, 2012.

The merger expands the geographic reach and industry base of each company nationally and internationally. The two companies have collaborated on numerous initiatives over the past several years and the merger is complementary in terms of expertise, clients, and strategy.

Matrix’s Robert Pockar will remain president and CEO, while employees of both companies continue on in their current roles with projects and services agreements proceeding as scheduled through the existing offices. Paul Martin and David Van Vliet (both of AquaResource) will take on leadership roles in the merged company. Martin will serve on the board and continue to oversee the Waterloo operations as a principal consultant. Van Vliet has been named VP of water resources responsible for hydrotechnical engineering within the merged company. Martin Bobyn (Matrix) will remain VP of water resources responsible for quantitative hydrogeology, physical hydrogeology, and aquatics.


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