As a way to further protect Manitoba’s environment and public health, the Manitoba government is strengthening the Environment Act to protect waterways, including looking at how mechanisms such as fines can be used to intervene sooner when issues arise, Environment and Climate Change Minister Tracy Schmidt announced today.

“The recent sewage spill in the City of Winnipeg raised concerns about how we can better protect our water. Our government is strengthening our ability to protect lakes and rivers for Manitobans,” said Schmidt. “We want to be able to step in right away when there are issues with water treatment. We’re also working with the City of Winnipeg and are committed to assisting them with $10 million in funding for improvements to wastewater infrastructure.”

Currently, the Environment Act only allows environment officers to lay charges after a lengthy investigation and court process, delaying quick intervention, noted the minister. There is also currently no requirement for licensed authorities to notify the public, First Nations and other affected communities of severe incidents.


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