The Manitoba government has set aside a total of $740,000 to conduct feasibility studies for future permanent, community flood-protection dikes in 11 municipalities for consideration, Water Stewardship Minister Christine Melnick announced yesterday.

“The value of community ring dikes in the Red River Valley has been proven several times and these studies are the first step toward providing permanent flood protection works for more Manitoba communities,” said Melnick.

Applications for 78 projects were submitted.  The first 11 communities proceeding to feasibility studies are Gladstone, Red Deer Lake, Rhineland (Halbstadt), Rockwood (Balmoral), Siglunes (Ashern), St. Andrews (Netley and Wavey creeks), St. Clements (Peltz Drive/St. Peters Road), East St. Paul (Highland Park), Grahamdale (Moosehorn), Bifrost (Arborg) and Tache (Landmark).

The Manitoba government is funding two-thirds of the cost of the feasibility studies for the proposed flood protection works, Melnick said.  The actual construction of projects providing the greatest flood protection benefit will be funded under the Community Diking component of the Canada-Manitoba Flood Mitigation Program announced in August 2010.  The construction of the flood protection works will be cost-shared by the federal, provincial and municipal governments on a 45/45/10 basis. Construction on the first works is expected to begin in the summer of 2012.

Over 600 applications are being also being processed for individual flood-proofing projects.


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