The City of Lethbridge has begun the process of removing goldfish and koi out of Chinook Lake and Elma Groves storm pond. Goldfish and koi are non-native species introduced into lakes and storm ponds that cause problems for the native species and the habitat.

The removal process has already begun by lowering the water levels in Chinook Lake and Elma Groves storm ponds, in advance of the Rotenone treatment. Rotenone is a naturally occurring complex that is not hazardous to human, pet or wildlife health, only gilled species.

Goldfish and koi are considered an Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS). AIS are non-native aquatic animals, plants or insects that have been brought from other places into Alberta’s lakes, ponds and waterways. AIS threaten and disrupt natural ecosystems and negatively impact biodiversity.

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