Kirkland Lake, Ontario has completed its Kirkland Lake Wastewater Improvement Project, which will better protect the surrounding environment and residents of the community. A celebration to mark the project’s completion was attended by municipal and federal officials on October 14.

The project was funded collectively by all three levels of government, and resulted in a new wastewater treatment plant built adjacent to the existing plant, which has been decommissioned and converted to a pumping station with a storm-surge tank to provide additional storm water capacity during peak flows.

“This is a moment that all of KL should be proud of,” said Bill Enouy, the mayor of Kirkland Lake. “By partnering with the Feds and the Province, we have, at no cost to local taxpayers, provided a safe, efficient, and long lasting state-of-the-art solution to sewage management for years to come.”

The plant will provide a higher level of treatment, allowing the municipality to meet federal and provincial wastewater system effluent regulations. (For more on WSER, click here.)


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