Funds for Lake Simcoe continue to flow.

This morning in Barrie, Ontario, Environment Minister Peter Kent announced that the feds will continue its support of the Area of Concern, investing $2.9 million in the seventh and last round of the Lake Simcoe Clean-Up Fund, part of the Action Plan for Clean Water.

As part of the investment, the Corporation of the Town of Aurora will receive $650,000 towards creating an innovative engineered wetland to control urban runoff. Located in the Town of Aurora, the engineered wetland facility will treat urban runoff from 58 hectares of intensely developed lands and will reduce an estimated 60 kilograms of phosphorus per year from entering Tannery Creek, a tributary of the East Holland River, which empties into Cook’s Bay in Lake Simcoe. This project demonstrates a new technology, and would be the first application of its kind in Ontario.


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