The Government of Canada has announced an investment of $20 million to support the development and commercialization of natural products and technologies, including water and wastewater technologies.

“Our government stands behind our brilliant innovators to make sure they have access to the expertise, knowledge, and resources to grow and to reach markets all across our country,” said François-Philippe Champagne, minister of innovation, science, and industry. “Our support will help Natural Products Canada bring together businesses, academia, and industry players to reach untapped markets, grow their businesses, create jobs, and provide natural, sustainable and healthy products for Canadians.”

Charlottetown-based Natural Products Canada (NPC) will draw on its expertise, strategic partnerships, and increased access to markets to support research and development (R&D) and the commercialization of natural products in the following five areas:

  1. Water and waste management, including water-quality monitoring and remediation of contaminated sites. This could include, for example, microbe-based monitoring and treatment solutions for wastewater.
  2. Agriculture, including biopesticides and indoor growing technologies. This could include, for example, natural biopesticides that leverage micro-organisms for the reduction of codling moth on apple, pear, and plum trees.
  3. Animal health and nutrition, including natural veterinary products and feed ingredients. This could include, for example, animal care products to protect livestock against bacteria, viruses, and parasites.
  4. Bioproducts and sustainability, including bioplastics and compostable materials. This could include, for example, fully biodegradable products like shampoo made from plants or utensils and plates made from the fibres of hemp or flax.
  5. Human health and nutrition, including natural supplements and ingredients such as food preservatives extracted from mushrooms.

“Innovation in natural products has significant potential to bring social and economic benefits to Canada through quality solutions that benefit people, animals, and the planet,” said Shelley King, CEO of Natural Products Canada. “Natural Products Canada is pleased to partner with the Government of Canada to support the companies and researchers that are developing these solutions and the broader ecosystem that is facilitating bringing these innovations to market.”


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