The Town of Inuvik, North West Territories, has announced the completion of a new drinking water treatment plant.

The water treatment plant received about $2,018,925 through the Provincial-Territorial Base Fund for this project and up to $2,062,143 through the federal Gas Tax Fund. The remaining $19 million for the project was provided by the Town of Inuvik. A utility corridor replacement project is also underway, receiving up to $4,297,000 in federal contributions from the Small Communities Fund. The remainder of the $5,729,334 necessary for the corridor is being provided by the town.

“The improvement of drinking water infrastructure has been a priority for the Town of Inuvik as they make strategic investments in the renewal and upgrade of their water and wastewater systems. Through timely partnerships between all levels of government, such as the Building Canada Plan and Small Communities Fund, municipalities continue to improve services to the residents of the Northwest Territories,” commented Caroline Cochrane, Minister of Municipal and Community Affairs.

The new plant will rely on modern filtration, disinfection and storage facilities to supply clean drinking water to the community for the next 40 years.

In addition, the Town of Inuvik is upgrading its utility corridor system, which involves replacing 540 metres of aging utilidor and two pumping stations that distribute water throughout the community and dispose of wastewater. More than half of the system has already been replaced, with the remainder expected to be complete by fall 2018.

Mayor of Inuvik, Jim McDonald, said of the water treatment plant and utilidor system: “The completion of the water treatment plant is a major accomplishment for the Town of Inuvik to ensure that the community has a safe reliable source of water for residents over the next 40 years. Although it was one of the largest infrastructure projects undertaken by the town, it is one of the most important investments that we could make to ensure a stable future for our community and improve the quality of life for our residents. This project and the continuing upgrades to our utilidor system would not be possible without the support of the Government of Canada.”


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