IWG-I serves everything from business flight to military transports. Credit: Quentin Douchet.

International Water-Guard Industries Inc., a Canadian aerospace company that provides potable water treatment and water system solutions and products to aircrafts, has announced that Darryl E. Jacobs will be its new president. Current president Bruce MacCoubrey will be involved in the transition process and will serve as a member of the board of directors for IWG Technologies Inc., the holding company for International Water-Guard Industries Inc.

Jacobs is a veteran in the aviation industry, having spent time with FLYHT Inc. in Calgary, with TASS Inc. in the United States, and with Inner-Action Enterprises in British Columbia. His knowledge in aircraft system design, development, airworthiness engineering, and installation will help move IWG-I’s progress forward.

IWG-I produces lightweight, compact products to improve water quality aboard passenger aircrafts, thus reducing risks of waterborne illness.


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