Water innovation is alive and well, and the finalists for Imagine H2O‘s second year are nothing less than impressive. This year’s theme is the water-energy nexus, and submissions include ideas to convert sewer sludge into watts, harness the force of water pressure to power a facility, and turn sewer treatment centres into power plants.

  • Agua Via develops a 1-atomic layer thick nanotech membrane that enables desalination at a 66 per cent energy reduction and 50 cent cost reduction, providing energy efficient purification and wastewater remediation.
  • BlackGold Biofuels recovers energy from wastewater streams, creating lucrative renewable energy assets from pollution liabilities.
  • FogBusters treats petroleum, biofuel and food processing wastewater “better, faster, cheaper, cleaner and greener” while capturing the FOG (fat, oil and grease) to make into biodiesel.
  • Hydrovolts makes portable floating turbines that make renewable energy and clean water from an untapped global resource of hydrokinetic energy in water canals.
  • mOasis harnesses water on any land in the world so that plants grow and the planet can restore its ability to sustain life.
  • NLine Energy, Inc. converts wasted energy found in water transmission and distribution systems into renewable energy.
  • Pilus Energy harnesses genetically enhanced bacteria in scalable electrogenic bioreactor and harvests the electricity and biogases from their metabolism of organics like those found in wastewater.
  • Puralytics solves critical water contamination problems with environmentally superior products.
  • Solar Machines‘ non-PV based technology directly and efficiently converts solar energy into mechanical work for water pumping applications.
  • Water Resources Management Co helps water utilities realize the full benefits of their investments in advanced meter reading, system control and asset management.
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For further details, visit Imagine H2O’s blog.


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