On February 9th, the Government of Canada announced 305 newly appointed and renewed Canada Research Chairs from a range of fields and disciplines, including water research. The Honourable Kirsty Duncan, Minister of Science, made the announcement while visiting The University of British Columbia.

“I’d like to extend my sincere congratulations to the latest new and renewed Canada Research Chairs. The Government of Canada is proud to support these elite researchers who improve our depth of knowledge, strengthen Canada’s international competitiveness, and help train the next generation of our highly skilled workforce,” said Duncan.

New recipients and Chair renewals with a focus on water issues include:

  • Michael Stokesbury, Canada Research Chair in Ecology of Coastal Environments from the University of Acadia (renewal)
  • Megan L. Bailey, Canada Research Chair in Integrated Ocean and Coastal Governance from Dalhousie University (new)
  • David R. Barclay,  Canada Research Chair in Ocean Technology Systems from Dalhousie University (new)
  • Aldo Chircop,  Canada Research Chair in Maritime Law and Policy from Dalhousie University (new)
  • Kyle H., Elliott, Canada Research Chair in Arctic Ecology from McGill University (new)
  • Natalya Gomez, Canada Research Chair in the Geodynamics of Ice Sheet – Sea Level Interactions from McGill University (new)
  • Irene S. Gregory-Eaves, Canada Research Chair in Freshwater Ecology and Global Change from McGill University (new)
  • April L. James, Canada Research Chair in Watershed Analysis and Modelling from Nipissing University (renewal)
  • Heather Castleden, Canada Research Chair in Reconciling Relations for Health, Environments and Communities from Queen’s University (new)
  • Zachary M. Hudson,  Canada Research Chair in Sustainable Chemistry from the University of British Columbia (new)
  • Gordon D. Haffner, Canada Research Chair in Great Lakes Environmental Health from the University of  Windsor (renewal)
  • Pierre Magnan, Canada Research Chair in Fresh Water Ecology from Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (renewal)
  • Vincent Warwick, Canada Research Chair in Aquatic Ecosystem Studies from the Université Laval (renewal)

The announcement represents a $260-million investment in the Canada Research Chairs Program. In addition, Minister Duncan announced $342 million through the Research Support Fund to cover the indirect costs of research at Canadian institutions, as well as $17 million in infrastructure support for the Canada Research Chairs Program through the Canada Foundation for Innovation.


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