The Canada and Quebec governments announced that the Town of Hudson will receive $14,077,156 in combined government funding – over $4 million more than the initial allocation of $9,837,622 – for major upgrades to its waterworks system.This project will be carried out in two parts, the first consisting of major upgrades to the town’s wastewater collection, interception and treatment systems. The collection and interception works will involve putting in a sewer system under roads within the urban perimeter of the greater central and Bellevue-Sanderson-Parsons districts, installing four pumping stations with force mains in the greater central district and three in the Bellevue district, and laying a connector pipe between the Bellevue district and the water treatment plant. The wastewater treatment works will mainly include construction of a treatment plant, pumping station and outfall sewer. Some 1,300 local residents will directly benefit from these improvements.

The second part of the project, which mainly concerns water treatment upgrades, will consist of the development of a drinking water reservoir, including the construction of a building, replacement of chlorination equipment and execution of various complementary works. These upgrades, from which more than 5,000 residents will directly benefit, will help bring the town’s water production facilities up to standard while improving water delivery, local drinking water quality and the quality of the environment.

This financial assistance has been granted through the Municipal Rural Infrastructure Fund (MRIF). Completion of this major project will necessitate an overall eligible investment of $19,683,600 under component 1 of the MRIF. As such, the Government of Quebec and Government of Canada will each contribute $7,038,578 toward these improvements, for a combined total of $14,077,156 in government assistance, while the Town of Hudson will assume $5,606,444 of the project’s costs.

Hudson Mayor Elizabeth Corker said she is pleased to see this project proceed, as it is considered a priority for the development of the town and one that will help ensure Hudson citizens a better quality of life and improved community infrastructure.

MRIF is a cost-sharing initiative of the Government of Quebec and Government of Canada. The recent injection of an additional $80 million into component 3 of the MRIF brings to $470 million the total amount of financial assistance available under the Fund. With the financial participation of municipalities and organizations, this initiative could result in the execution of more than $700 million in infrastructure work. The objectives of the MRIF are to upgrade community infrastructure, improve the quality of the environment, promote long-term economic growth and enhance citizens’ quality of life.

The program, which is in force until March 31, 2010, is administered by Quebec’s Ministère des Affaires municipales et des Régions. Canada Economic Development is responsible for delivering the federal portion of the MRIF on behalf of the Government of Canada


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