The joint federal‒provincial funding program, Small Communities Fund, will support bank stabilization of the Bécancour River in the Municipality of Lyster.

Announced by Amarjeet Sohi, Minister of Infrastructure and Communities, and André Fortin, Minister of Transport, Sustainable Mobility and Transport Electrification, the governments of Canada and Quebec will each invest nearly $60,000 for the stabilization and development of the river bank. This financial support comes from the New Building Canada Fund, Provincial-Territorial Infrastructure Component—Small Communities Fund. The Municipality of Lyster will also invest close to $60,000 to bring the total government and municipal investment to almost $180,000.

“It is with pride that the municipality of Lyster welcomes this financial support from both levels of government,” Sylvain Labrecque, Mayor of Lyster. “This contribution to the Bécancour River bank project has made it possible to satisfy a demand from both citizens and the municipal council to make this portion of the river more accessible and safe for recreation and tourism-related activities, while also contributing to the economic growth of the municipality.”

Bécancour River, Lyster. Image Credit: Fralambert.

Once completed, this project will improve the river’s water quality by reducing the amount of sediment caused by erosion. Stabilizing and developing the river bank will help establish a feeding and shelter area for fish, improve public safety, and allow residents to enjoy and make the river and surrounding area their own.

The development project will also keep residents and users of the Lyster recreation centre safe, as well as protect the river bank’s trees, which are at risk of being uprooted by ice and flood waters each year. The project also involves installing recreational equipment such as gazebos, swings, and docks.

“As is the case with the Bécancour River bank project, infrastructure must be in good condition to provide residents with reliable facilities. It is important to plan the construction work of infrastructure in a sustainable and safe manner by assessing all potential issues,” said Minister Fortin. “Anticipating erosion risk and securing the area along a waterway like this river is a good example of this.”


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