The Township of Wellington North in Ontario has received letters of interests from eight engineering firms with respect to an request for proposals for the next phase of upgrades for the Arthur wastewater treatment plant.

The township received letters of interest from CIMA Canada Inc, Hatch Corporation, R.J. Burnside and Associates Limited and J.L. Richards and Associates Limited.

In early 2016, the Township undertook a Schedule C Class Environmental Assessment (EA) to determine the most cost effective, environmentally sound, and sustainable approach to upgrade the Arthur Wastewater Treatment Plant to provide servicing to a design year of 2031. XCG Consultants Ltd. conducted the study. Phase 4 of the environmental assessment process was recently completed and the township is now proceeding with phase 5, implementation of the project, with the preferred design concept, to twin the existing extended aeration package plant to provide treatment up to 2,300 m3/d.

The preferred design concept for upgrading and expanding the Arthur WWTP includes:

  • New preliminary treatment consisting of flow metering, mechanically cleaned bar screens with standby manual bar screen, vortex grit separators and headworks building complete with odour control and all appurtenances;
  • Decommissioning of the existing headworks;
  • Twin existing package extended aeration plant;
  • Upgraded blower capacity and all appurtenances;
  • Construction of new conveyance system to the effluent storage lagoon consisting of new forcemain, upgraded effluent pumps and all appurtenances;
  • Providing Geotextile dewatering and cake storage or liquid biosolids storage (with final evaluation an selection to be completed during preliminary design);
  • Additional standby power and increased electrical service; and
  • An allowance for modifications to the existing sludge storage tanks to aerobic digester volume, including modifications to diffusers, piping, blower and pump capacity.

The detailed design portion of the project could cost $1 million.

Currently the Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA) is contracted to operate the Waste Water Treatment Plant.


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